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HRM has been established to:

  • To monitor the human rights situation and highlight human rights violations worldwide.
  • To work on delivering victims voice to Media, authorities and international relevant organisations.
  • To document cases of human rights violations and defend victims via domestic and international law and also by using the UN human rights mechanisms, ensuring that those who committed human rights violation are held accountable according to international law.
  • To use media, lobbying parliaments and pressure groups to impose pressure on governments to end its violations.
  • To provide legal counsel and psychological support for victims of human rights violations.
  • To resort to international litigation.
  • To coordinate with human rights organizations to unite efforts to help victim.
  • To campaign and lobby governments to address cases of human rights violations.
  • To ensure that human rights are being respected and applied.
  • To contribute to the development of Human rights law.
  • To promote human rights values and increase awareness about human rights of people guaranteed in the universal declaration for human rights and international law.